A new roof raises the value of your home and protects your most valuable asset. You’ll never need to worry about leaks or missing shingles the next time a storm rolls through. If your roof is 20 years old or older, it might be time to consider replacement.

Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Don’t ignore these important warning signs.

  • Pieces of shingles laying in the yard
  • Cracked or curled shingles
  • Shingles come free after high winds
  • Visible water damage on the ceiling inside the home

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house with bare roof during a roof replacement with trees in the foreground

Why You Should Not Delay Roof Replacement

A new roof or a repair can save you thousands of additional dollars down the road when the roof is finally replaced. A roof can leak for years without showing any signs from the inside of the home.

Once the signs are noticed from inside the home, it is likely that considerable damage has occurred to the roof’s structure. A leaking roof will cause the sheathing (plywood) and rafters to rot which all must be replaced to install the new roofing shingles. When damage is this severe, it’s likely that the moisture will have spawned mold parts of the structure that are still structurally sound, including attic insulation and the backside of the ceiling drywall.

Finished roof with dark shingles on a slanted part and black waterproof coating on flat area

Financing Options

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Think It’s Time To Replace Your Roof?

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